Hello – I’m sorry it’s been a while but we have been so busy!

I will take you back to the weekend – On Saturday we ventured out to LA. It was definitely an interesting trip.  We headed out early in order to avoid traffic and took a roundabout route to see the countryside before hitting the city.  Our first stop was a car dealership.  Yes, you read that right, a car dealership!  They have fancier cars here than we do.  We didn’t get to go inside and see the really fancy cars like the McLaren, but we did get to see the Mazerati up close.  That stop was a highlight for Carter!  We journeyed to Hollywood and wandered the streets taking in the sights – we saw many of the stars, the Chinese Theater and a few of the lots where they film some of the shows we watch. We ended the day at Venice Beach. Wow! Let’s just say I wanted to cover the kids eyes and ears the entire time!

On Sunday we headed to the Santa Barbara Zoo.  We have spent many days at the Bronx Zoo but never have we been so close to the animals!  We were up close to the Elephants and were able to feed the Giraffe.  What a laugh!

Monday – we are back to our new normal routine – I head to the clinic and receive an IV of Bicarb which will make my body more alkaline.  Turns out the cancer cells like an acidic environment! More oxygen, electromagnetic therapy and acupuncture.  Also, it’s shot day – boy do they hurt!  It’s a little weird to see some of the new patients come in.  Even though we have only been here for a week (we – meaning the patients who started at the same time as me) we all have our seats and have created our own little routine, it feels like newer patients are intruding.  I guess if you spend enough time in a room the space begins to feel like yours!  In the evening we walk to the wharf.  It’s a good 4 mile walk but the kids say it was definitely worth it – they were able to get some fudge.

Wednesday – I skip Tuesday because it was simple and pretty much the same.  Today I have the day off so we head to a small Dutch town named Solvang.  It’s a very cute, small German town with amazing pastries.  Of course I didn’t have any but watching the kids faces when they were eating was enough to tell me how good they were.  My new diet is becoming easier.  Thankfully I have Craig here with me – he has been a saving grace!  He is willing to travel from store to store in order to get food to feed the kids and the special food for me!  He has cooked some amazing dishes that my old me would have never tried but the new me finds delicious!  I am very thankful.

Thursday – oh-no shot day again!  I think it is actually getting easier but it still smarts a little!  I have acupuncture again today.  It peaks my interest because he is able to find points on my skull that correspond with the spots of pain on my spine.  The needles are actually taking the pain away – WOW!  It lasts while the needles are in and for about an hour afterward.  I ask if he can leave them in all day, he giggles and then takes them out – so I guess not!  We spend the afternoon at the beach – the weather is beautiful but the water is freezing.  This kids don’t seem to mind but their lips are purple!  Craig cooked up Spaghetti Squash – before today I would have said “No thanks” but I try it, thankful for food and it is amazing!

I want to thank everyone for checking in to see how we are doing.  We may be far from home but we can still feel the love!  Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity!  We feel so blessed!


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