Hello again!

We made it – Halfway done!!!  Now that the family is with me time is flying!

Thursday flew by just like a normal day (kind of weird that this is my new normal).  After the clinic we decided to take a drive up Painted Cave road – we missed the cave itself but had a great adventure looking for Knapp Castle and climbing to the top of the Mountain.  Mountains are very different here due to the different vegetation.  Here when you climb you are wide out in the open!  It was amazing! The girls and I had a great discussion on how life is just like the trail we were on.  How it has it’s ups and downs and how sometimes it is really hard but having those you love beside you makes it all worth it!  What great talks we have! Once back at the jeep, we decided to travel up the s-curve, narrow, cliff hanging road across several mountains only to find out 7 very windy miles later that it was a dead end! But, what beautiful views!

Friday – Today was definitely interesting – Along with the normal infusion of vitamins, increased oxygen and electromagnetic therapy to get my cells communicating correctly, I received what they are calling an auto-hemo.  What they do is draw a small amount of my blood and mix it with sterile water and inject it into my largest muscle (for those of you wondering it was directly into my tuchus!)  The theory is that my it will cause a little bit of damage to the muscle and my white cells will come and attack.  The white cells will ignore my blood and what normally should be there and learn to attack all the unwanted cells!  Again, sounds good to me but just a bit painful!  I was able to finish early so we headed out on an early afternoon adventure!  We went out to Carp Beach to see the tide pools.  We made it just in time for the minus tide and climbed out on the rocks to see what the high tide left behind.  It was fun to look through the little pools but we could have used a warning about how slippery it was!  Lets just say I don’t fall gracefully!  The kids had a great laugh though!

So we are on to the weekend – we plan on seeing LA and Hollywood and maybe even the Zoo!

Hi its Julia*

3 thoughts on “3/18/16”

  1. I just love reading about and hearing of all of your adventures out there. I’m beyond thrilled for you, Craig and the kids that you’re able to have SO many wonderful moments together spending quality time with one another whe you’re receiving treatment. Love ya.. ❤️

  2. It is so good to hear from you. It sounds like you are having a blast with the kids. Keep fighting Donna! We’re pulling for you back home. Give the girls hugs for me, I miss them!!
    Keesha, Jeremy, Savannah and Ilyana 🙂

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