Oh my, I can not believe that March is half over already!  I just finished my third day at the clinic and what can I say -it took three days for them to see the real me and for me to misbehave!  I’m sorry to say, but I have tried really hard to be open-minded.

Monday – we had  no idea what we were in for or even what time we had to be there but we all gathered in the jeep and headed out early to the clinic. They said that we arrived just in time and handed over about 50 papers to fill out.  It took about 30 minutes and then we were able to meet with Dr. Issels.  We listened with amazement at his theories and the testing that was going to be done.  All of his testing was non-invasive and naturopath based – very easy. Once finished the family headed out to explore and I headed into the IV room.  Time for more bloodwork and vitamin infusions.  Thankfully I have a port, which makes the bloodwork easy because they drew 27 vials worth of blood!  Once that was finished I had some lunch and then headed to the dry sauna.  It was 130 degrees – hot!!  Theory goes that an increase in blood temperature will help kill the cancer cells – works for me.  Once that was complete, I was picked up and our real adventure began – we drove the streets and explored the surrounding hills and canyons!

Tuesday – at the clinic I did vitamins again then some oxygen therapy including a hyperbaric chamber along with some acupuncture.  Things are going well – I am feeling good and ready for our afternoon adventure.  Today we head to the Gaviota hot springs.  The trail was quite a bit longer then we thought but along the way we saw the most amazing trees!  The kids had a blast climbing up, over and around them.  We finally found the hot springs and were looking forward to dipping our toes in them until we realized that Hot springs during a drought are no more then little smelly puddles with bubbles in them!

Wednesday – Today started off fine – I head to the clinic for another round of vitamins, a talk with another one of the doctors and some electromagnetic therapy.  All seemed great until I remembered that I was to head down the street to another office for a colonic treatment.  I have to say that I have been very open and accepting, and am trying very hard to do the right thing but……  my blood pressure went through the roof my pulse was up to 120 – I walk up to the door not sure yet how this is going to be but in I go and that’s it total panic attack!  I look at the woman and just blurt out “I can’t do this – I’m sorry!” and I run out the door!  So I know that this is totally the wrong way to act and medically I can see the benefits but I just couldn’t do it!  Tomorrow I am sure that there will be lectures and I will deal with any consequences that may come from missing the appointment but my blood pressure is down and my pulse has returned to normal.

As for this afternoons adventure – we waited until evening and walked across the rockiest part of the beach up and around the cliffs just to see a glimpse of the most beautiful sunset!  Let’s just say we took Craig a little out of his comfort zone!  We were running across the sand just to hop on the highest rock to avoid the crashing high tide!  What fun – we were all soaking wet and covered in sand but we were laughing and cheering each other on the whole way – what a blast!

hi I am Lindsay I love you all

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