Hola, from Mexico!

Today is our 5th day here and this is my 5th time trying to post an update!  The Internet has been everything but reliable.  I can’t really complain though because at least I am able to touch base with family and skype my girls! Without that I would be totally lost!

Before we begin about the treatments here I would like to back up a couple of weeks.  My journey here began with two simple words “your accepted”. With those words came the joy of being offered another option, but also extreme fear of the unknown!  Unable to do this on our own we reached out to family and friends and received the overwhelming response of a great small town community!

It began with a dream and a go fund me page that tallied numbers quicker than I ever believed imaginable.  That was followed by my own middle school, a place that has become my greatest distraction and happy place over the past few years, rush to my side in a show of support and generousity! They played their first annual Bulldog Battle Basketball game in new t-shirts boasting “Refuse to Lose”  on the back!  I have never enjoyed a basketball game so much! It was amazing to watch “Refuse to Lose” run up and down the court!

That was followed by the most fantastic and amazing spaghetti dinner that was put together by the most amazing group of friends!  The day was spent mingling with everyone from old neighbors to new friends! I only wish there was more time to talk with and thank everyone who was there.  I am still in awe at how that was pulled off.  It was definitely a highlight!

3/6/16  We head to California – Nana and I sit in the middle seat both set between two strangers.  Leaving my family was incredibly hard and knowing that I would see them in a few days did not make things any easier.

3/7/16 We land in San Diego for the evening then head out to Tijuana in the morning. The cross over the border was incredibly easy. The first thing I notice is that they have very few traffic lights and a lot of traffic circles with stop signs that everyone ignores!  The roads are only half paved and the sidewalks are heaved due to tree routes with holes all over the place.  They are in the middle of the “storm of the century”!  Roads are flooded & not New York flooded but truly flooded.  It does not slow anybody down – the drive was definitely interesting!  Once at the hospital – we check in, fairly simple, and head up to our room.  The room is nice, clean.  The hospital floor is incredibly quiet – I worked in a hospital and never, ever was it this quiet!

3/8/16 WOW – we are bored!  I am not a sit still kind of person but this is silly – we honestly have NOTHING to do.  We go between reading, coloring, playing games and wandering the hallway.  They draw some blood (more than usual) and I receive an IV of multivitamins and am set free.  We are able to wander outside the hospital.  Not much to see, nothing to do but we wander, happy just to be outside and doing something!

3/9/16 Nothing planned for today – we wander around the city again just to keep ourselves occupied!

3/10/16 Today is the day I receive my newly trained lymphocytes and natural killer cells back.  It is a short infusion given by the lab tech, only about 20 minutes. Another IV of multivitamins and again we are set to wander the streets in order to reach our 10,000 steps.  The doctor says that I may feel a little tired but I feel no different!  I fall asleep later visualizing those little natural killer cells eating every cancer cell in my body.

3/11/16 Today is the day I get my dendritic vaccine.  The doctor says that it is quite painful so they are going to numb the skin and then give a dose of lidocaine before the shot! Oh boy! I will let you know how that goes!

Thank you for being patient!  I will touch base again soon!

6 thoughts on “3/7-11/2016”

  1. So happy to hear you are doing well. I think of you everyday and pray that you are safe and getting everything you need. Hugs to you and your mom, I will be looking forward to you next post!!! Love you❤️❤️??

  2. Thinking of you each and every day…. So happy Craig and kids are joining you very soon…. Miss you… ❤️Mary A

  3. Thanks for the update. Thinking of you constantly knowing that you’re the bravest strongest girl I know. Keep visualizing that battle. Love you. Your and your Moms stories about the food had me hysterical. Share that picture you sent me. Let everyone see your real suffering. LOL. Hugs.

  4. Hey Donna: We’ve been praying for you that all goes super well for you. Can imagine how difficult it is to be away from the kids. You hang in there, gal. Soon they’ll be joining you and crawling all over you again!!! We are pulling for you.

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