Good Morning! Wow what a week we have had.  It all started with the changing of the guard on Monday.  Craig went home and my mom and sister flew in to join us.  They arrived with a million hugs in tow and distributed them all properly(: and we took them all gratefully – we miss everyone back home!

At the clinic they switched my IV treatment to high dose vitamin C, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide.  It’s an interesting mix but I am having no issues.  I feel amazing – we have been walking miles and miles everyday.  Enjoying the small moments this week.  I was able to see my children as the amazing people they are!  They found a young mans wallet on the beach and worked really hard to find the owner – they wouldn’t put it down until it was in the correct hands – thank goodness for google white pages!  They helped a molting elephant seal – chasing the birds away for hours!  They saved a stranded sea star that was stuck on the boat launch after high tide.  They worry about the homeless population here. They notice every little thing that we have that they do not and feel sad for them. Julia would like to use all her money to build housing for them! At night when they go to bed they have begun to appreciate the little things in life – the sound of the waves, the slight breeze blowing through the window, the sun when it rises and blinds us all every morning along with all the comforts of the place we have been calling home these past few weeks.  I am so incredibly thankful that they were able to join me on this journey.  They are wonderful children and I hope with all my heart that I will get to see them turn into wonderful adults!

Today is my last day at the clinic – I will get to see the doctor who will discuss some results and fill me in what I should be doing over the next six months – I will do anything!

I will let you know how it goes – hopefully tonight!